Local Currency
Global Reach


  • Multi-currency Account

    Use one local currency account that connects to your multi-currency e-wallet

  • Corporate IBAN Number

    Receive bank transfers directly to your business account

  • Lower Local Fees

    Avoid high-cost conversions and overpriced transfer fees with local currency accounts in the UK and US

  • Local Settlements

    Gain clients trust with a local presence and acceptance of local currency

Set Up Local Payments

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Beyond Accepting Payments

MoneyNet int’s financial services allow you to send international and local payments in the currency of your choice. Find out how we can help you send payments back to anywhere in the world, and manage multiple currencies in global and local accounts.


Why hear it from us? Take it from our customers.

This past year my business has flourished, with a lot of help from MoneyNet. The support has been immaculate, and the services are reliable and easy to use. We will be working again, and I would definitely recommend their services to any type of business!

Hani, Affiliate Marketing